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I am a semi-retired clergyman with a passion for travel, history, and the great outdoors. You will see these interests reflected in my images, which are taken primarily to document my travels. My goal on Panoramio is to post one photo from each of the 3,142 counties or county equivilents in the the United States. I completed my goal of visiting each of them in Carson City, Nevada on September 1, 2012. In many of the places I have visited I did not take any pictures so that gives me reason to go back again. As time pemits I also hope to post a few images from the 57 countries of the world that I have been privileged to visit so far. May God grant me a long life so I can finish more of my "To Do Before I Die" list.

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One of the most intact battlefields from the War Between the States can be found in the northwest corner of Arkansas, not far from the Oklahoma state line, in Prairie Grove.

Prairie Grove provides the opportunity to explore a the site of a major Civil War battle much as it appeared to Union and Confederate troops December 7, 1862. In this last battle for the highland route to Missouri, the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi clashed with the Union Army of the Frontier. The day of fierce fighting resulted in about 2,700 casualties.

Visitors to Prairie Grove may view interpretative exhibits and artifacts, or take a walking or driving tour of the battlefield. The park also features monthly events and a dramatic, bi-annual Civil War re-enactment - the largest of its kind in the state of Arkansas.

While passing through on a road trip, I stopped to stretch my legs by taking a walking tour of Prairie Grove. As is often the case in such settings, I could not help but reflect upon how peaceful the battlefield is today, when for one brief moment in time it was the scene such unspeakable tragedy.

The Powhatan Courthouse is the centerpiece of both the town of Powhatan and the state park. The first courthouse was built here in 1873, but burned in 1885. The current two-story courthouse was constructed on the same foundation with locally manufactured brick and was completed in 1888.

In 1863, voters decided to consolidate Powhatan with the county seat in Walnut Ridge and by 1966 the Powhatan courthouse stood empty. Shortly thereafter the old courthouse was restored and the Powhatan Courthouse State Park was established to preserve it.

Jackson is one of the most common names for counties in the United States, and there are at least eight Jackson County Courthouses in as many states.

The Jackson County Courthouse in Arkansas is in the town of Newport, which replaced Jacksonport as the county seat in the late 1800s. The old Jacksonport courthouse has been preserved as a historic site and is now a state park. The "new" Jackson County Courthouse is also on the national register of historic buildings because of its engineering and architectural significance.

It is located on U.S. Hwy. 67, in the heart of Newport.

Tender colours, lovely shot - Hello from Greece

Wonderful capture - Best regards from Athens

I once innocently referred to a Chinese friend of mine as a Chinaman and he was highly offended. It seems the term is no longer politically correct for reasons that don't make sense to me. Maybe they should call it "The Island of the Historic Head Covering of a Male Person of Chinese Heritage." I'd run that by my Chinese friend and see if it flys, but he's still upset with me.

I share your passion for travel. My goal is not as big as yours. I just like to post pictures of places I've been with friends.

Logan County is very proud of its connection with William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill," one of the most famous people of all time. Cody got his legendary title as "Buffalo Bill" here in Logan County.

To celebrate this heritage and educate the public the county has erected a very impressive A twice life-sized bronze sculpture of "Buffalo Bill," by Charlie, Norton, near the junction of U.S. 40 W. and U.S. 83 N. In the sculpture Buffalo Bill is mounted on his favorite buffalo running horse "Brigham" in pursuit of a running buffalo, and memorializes an event that took place here in 1868.

Cody made his living as a contract buffalo hunter, feeding the crews laying railroad track across Kansas for the Kansas Pacific Railroad. At the same time William Comstock, who was also called "Buffalo Bill" by the soldiers at nearby Fort Wallace, made his living feeding the soldiers at the Fort.

To determine the real "Buffalo Bill" a contest was staged west of Oakley, in Logan County. Buffalo Bill Cody won 69 to 46 and thus on that spring day in 1868 a legend was born! Over the next few decades "Buffalo Bill" Cody became the most famous person on earth of his time and shaped the world's image of the America's Wild West.

I first visited Johnson City on August 15, 2005 while on a road trip from Ohio to Colorado. I passed through Johnson City a second time in the late afternoon on October, 16, 2007, when I took this photo.

Johnson, Kansas, also known as Johnson City, was first called Veteran because it was founded by Union veterans of the War Between the states. The town was established in 1885 and a year later was moved and renamed to honor Colonel A. S. Johnson, land commissioner for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad and a member of the Johnson Town and Land Company. It is located in southwestern Kansas, at the junction of K-27 and US-160. The population of about 1,348 includes more than half the people who live in the entire county.

During our first trip together to Hawaii in November, 2003, Karen and I stayed for four days at the Kaluakoi Villas on the island of Molokai. We also spent time on Oahu and Maui, but this was our favorite.

Not a traditional hotel but a condominium complex overlooking Kepuhi Bay. These are spacious, privately owned, fully equipped villas, managed by Castle Resorts and Hotels. Fortunately, our condo had a fully equipped kitchen. We bought groceries and enjoyed cooking some of our own meals on Moloka since the choice of restaurants is so few, and most of those few were many miles away. It was a wonderful relaxing experience and we would definitely stay here again.

Unique Qualities: Seclusion and a beach to take your breath away!!! There is a golf course, nice swimming pool and a couple of shops, including a little grocery store if you decide to prepare some of your own meals as we did. There is no restaurant at the resort, and very few on the entire island.


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