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I am a semi-retired clergyman with a passion for travel, history, and the great outdoors. You will see these interests reflected in my images, which are taken primarily to document my travels. My goal on Panoramio is to post one photo from each of the 3,142 counties or county equivilents in the the United States. I completed my goal of visiting each of them in Carson City, Nevada on September 1, 2012. In many of the places I have visited I did not take any pictures so that gives me reason to go back again. As time pemits I also hope to post a few images from the 57 countries of the world that I have been privileged to visit so far. May God grant me a long life so I can finish more of my "To Do Before I Die" list.

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Confederate capital of Missouri in Marshall, wow! Indeed, Marshall was an epic crossroad for the Confederate southwest. When every other part of the Southron Nation was squeezed and strangled by the forces of the Lincoln Administration Texas hailed hope that such a big state could never be conquered.
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The building with the steeple in the middle of the picture is a very historic building. Built in 1829 as the Perry County Courthouse, it's the oldest building in the former Northwest Territory in continuous governmental use.

From 1851 to 1859, the county seat for Perry County was moved to New Lexington, back to Somerset & then finally back to New Lexington. This building was then leased for use as the Somerset Village Hall.

This is the "NEW" Old City Hall [former City of Bradford "City Hall" building]. On the National Register of Historic Buildings; Owned/Restored by the OECD (Office of Economic & Community Development) in 2004-06. for more info: http://www.bradfordpa.org/

Very beautiful historical train. Interesting museum. Like 1. I wish you a Happy New Year 2013. Greetings, Wilhelm

Indeed, it looks nice. +++ Wish you and your family a nice, healthy and successful new year 2013. Greetings from Frankfurt-upon-Main, Germany.

What is this officer's quarters? Your photo is nice. +++ Wish you and your family a nice, healthy and successful new year 2013. Greetings from Frankfurt-upon-Main, Germany.

Coy, Thanks for the correction and info. I found the place and the names very interesting.

Hello J. Stephen Conn

Beautiful sunset photo, congratulations


    • I wish you a happy day!

Best wishes • Dezső • All photo on one page ©

Beautiful architectures and nice shot!



Thanks for the info - useful


Regards • Dezső - PECS / HUNGARY


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