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I live in Baltimore, an old town in decay and reconstruction since it was founded. I love photographing the human environment, especially buildings with a story. My interests include recycled buildings, graffiti, churches, factories, ghost signs, ruins, jails, towers, corporate buildings, theaters, bridges, stores, houses, cemeteries, schools, apartments, bars, gas stations, to name a few. I like pictures that give a sense of place, and I love to do pictures of places that aren't already on Panoramio. I don't like to do postcard shots; I'll buy the postcard instead.

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The inscription reads: On this site in 1985 Louis E. Ballast created the Cheeseburger. His restaurant, the Humpty Dumpty Barrel Drive-In was Colorado's first drive-in and was commonly known as the Barrel. The Cheeseburger trademark was registered by Mr. Ballast on March 5, 1935. Dedicated March 5, 1978.

According to one source, Mr. Ballast had tried other add-ons including peanut butter and a Hershey bar before hitting on cheese. He never went beyond registering the trademark with the state, so was never able to enforce exclusivity of the term. The Barrel cheeseburger included relish, a secret sauce, shredded lettuce, and a toasted bun. The drive-in closed in 1974 and the location is now a bank.

Thanks for the real life photo. It can't be all sunsets and seagulls there.

God's overly abundant grace to each of you at the church of my heart. Brother David, I was ministered to by your word of the week, "pursue". May our Lord Jesus Christ hold keep you faithful to the Word that He placed in you, even as a child. Use your divinely endowed gifts and remember that the Word of God is powerful and sufficient. In His service, Daisy Ross

I like your style! We are on the same wavelength.





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