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I live in Baltimore, an old town in decay and reconstruction since it was founded. I love photographing the human environment, especially buildings with a story. My interests include recycled buildings, graffiti, churches, factories, ghost signs, ruins, jails, towers, corporate buildings, theaters, bridges, stores, houses, cemeteries, schools, apartments, bars, gas stations, to name a few. I like pictures that give a sense of place, and I love to do pictures of places that aren't already on Panoramio. I don't like to do postcard shots; I'll buy the postcard instead.

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Full name: The Church of the Living God The Pillar and Ground of the Truth Which He Purchased with His Own Blood, Inc. was founded in 1903 and incorporated in 1908. From the beginning this predominantly black Pentecostal church had congregations in both northern and southern states. The headquarters is in Indianapolis.

I also have a shot of this church's congregation in Milwaukee.

A perfect image worthy of my VOTE - A lot of greetings from Greece, Christos

This was originally the Gertrude McCoy Theater, opened around 1915. It became the Fulton Theater in 1927 and closed in 1952. In 1973 it became a church until a fire in July, 2007. As of January 2013 the ruin is still standing.

An article in the Smithsonian magazine, January, 2013 provides a lot of background information and pictures about the history of this site. The actual end of segregation on the Vegas strip itself didn't happen until March, 1960, according to the article.

Avagara, I have to agree that Panoramio Groups have some fatal flaws. I'm not sure I would want to put that whole post in one comment on a single photo, but I have 4-5 from the mine. I could probably craft a way to make it flow from photo to photo while making sure each photo's "description" was complete in itself.

I cut the post a little short because I didn't want it to sound too much like an advertisement, at the risk of not telling the whole story.

The name brought to mind this short verse I heard years ago:

"Whiskey, when I'm sick, makes me well. Whiskey makes me sick when I'm well."

really like your work on "deep America", makes me want to travel there. Welcome to my favs, greetings from Brussels.



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