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I live in Baltimore, an old town in decay and reconstruction since it was founded. I love photographing the human environment, especially buildings with a story. My interests include recycled buildings, graffiti, churches, factories, ghost signs, ruins, jails, towers, corporate buildings, theaters, bridges, stores, houses, cemeteries, schools, apartments, bars, gas stations, to name a few. I like pictures that give a sense of place, and I love to do pictures of places that aren't already on Panoramio. I don't like to do postcard shots; I'll buy the postcard instead.

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I work in Hanover, Maryland, USA. The area is named after Hanover Germany by German immigrants that came to America in the late 18th century.

There are still several older residents of German heritage living in the area. I go to a Burger King restaurant for lunch and the waitress speaks with a German accent ("Vat would you like...D-live rund to second vindow").

Unfortunately, the community of Hanover, Maryland has been overtaken by three factors: The nearby airport has expanded and many parking lots have replaced old houses, The National Security Agency has expanded and many new offices have been built on old farmland, and the Maryland Food Co-op has expanded to build warehouses on former private land. It seems sad to me to see what was once evidently a close-knit community being overcome, but that's progress for you.

Thank you Avagara for the comment and for passing by!!

Nice building and fascinating context.

Boldly confront the overhead wires!

Thanks for the kind words.

Hi, enjoying your photos and the history you share with them.

Charm and solar panels, wow! Fascinating shot.

I'm sure you aren't because I was just in Denver for a few of days last June. Most of my shots were on the one day when it wasn't raining.

I'm unorthodox. :-) Thanks for the compliment.

Nice photo. Like and vote.



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