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Mount Robson is higher and more massive than any nearby peak, so it catches more rain and snow. If it weren't for Mount Robson, this lovely cedar grove wouldn't be here. Prevailing westerly winds push moist airmasses toward Mount Robson's great southwest face. Rain and snow fall in greater amounts than normal for the Canadian Rockies : 630mm of precipitation per year, compared to an average of 400-500mm. This unusual situation provides the right growing conditions for tree species normally found in the wet Columbia Mounstains to the west, home of the Interior cedar-hemlock forest.

Mount Robson is the most prominent mountain in North America's Rocky Mountain range; it is also the highest point in the Canadian Rockies.

In topography, prominence characterizes the height of a mountain's or hill's summit by the vertical distance between it and the lowest contour line encircling it and no higher summit. It is a measure of the independence of a summit.

She's having a sun bath...

Nice photo, voted, ★2.

The two best places I have seen in Tasmania are perhaps Walls of Jerusalem for the Inland, and Wineglass Bay for the Coastline.

There is no hurricane landfall in Costa Rica so the edge of the jungle reaches the mean high water line. In other words, the beachfront vegetation is not scattered.

Очень красивое место!

Ásbyrgi was most likely formed by catastrophic glacial flooding of the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum after the last Ice Age, first 8-10,000 years ago, and then again some 3,000 years ago. (wikipedia)

En "vertu de l'article 135 du règlement sur l'assainissement de l'atmosphère, adopté en 2005, la production d'aluminium dans les usines utilisant la technologie des salles de cuves pré-cuites ne sera plus conforme aux normes environnementales à partir du 1er janvier 2015." (

Bref, vous avez jusqu'à cette date pour prendre une photo de la sorte.


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