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Diseñador industrial. Fotógrafo aficionado. Madrid. 47 años. Cámaras digitales varias y también analógicas, reflex, "bridge" y de bolsillo. Coleccionista de cámaras antiguas. Provincias que más frecuento: Madrid, Cuenca, Segovia, Valencia y Alicante. NO MAS GRUPOS, POR FAVOR, NO MORE GROUPS, PLEASE

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Yes, a bridge in the vicinity has not collapsed since the 1930's -

or Sing Sing - for that matter!

We are in the midst of a heatwave over here. No rain in sight. Everything is getting dried out. High humidity - becoming quite uncomfortable. Went on a hike yesterday. I was literally drenched in sweat!

Same here - I have learned alot from you!

and now I just heard today on the local newscast that there is a possibility that people that use Smart Phones can actually be tracked - talk about Big Brother. No thanks, I'll stick with my dumb phone!

It never seems to be.

Hey Andy, great closeup on the flower. Very nice to see the mountains surrounding behind. Best Wishes, greg.

Hahaha !, dirty water is not Andy, is the effect of sunlight in the river water, everything appears green, like when I sniff glue, hahaha !. The water looks crystal is a fantastic place to swim as long as you are able to withstand freezing temperatures even in the heat of Madrid any of us could swim in the Arctic Ocean without problems, hehehe !. Thank you very much for your LIKE, go up more photos from the river bottom and this time I will calibrate the white balance of the camera before taking pictures, see if that way achieving more realistic colors. A big hug.

True, it is a very cheerful color that is very attractive in anything, does not matter whether clothing or a vehicle. I have socks Caterpillar, hahaha !, is the only thing I own that brand!

I do not know if it's because of global warming or else it was an invention of Margaret Thatcher in the 80s, what I know is that we have a terrible climate change and that we alert a month at high temperatures. I know there are serious problems of drought in California, it is unheard of.


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