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Diseñador industrial. Fotógrafo aficionado. Madrid. 46 años. Cámaras digitales varias y también analógicas, reflex, "bridge" y de bolsillo. Coleccionista de cámaras antiguas. Provincias que más frecuento: Madrid, Cuenca, Segovia, Valencia y Alicante. NO MAS GRUPOS, POR FAVOR, NO MORE GROUPS, PLEASE

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With a bottle of vodka running through the blood, I do not think that you import them too the water quality. Here practiced fishing (under authorization) in many public parks but the fish returned to the water later, they call it "fishing without death". However there are citizens of other countries who have decided to create the rules in their own way and they fish into water metal networks connected to car batteries to thus electrocuting the fish and get a lot of them for sale. They also acquired in shops run by Chinese fishing rods and if the police are surprised and nothing happens fishing poles seized them, are so cheap that they buy new ones. Yes friend, this is Spain, the paradise of the offender.

I'm pretty angry with Google because they have replaced my email notifications with one that I created to create my account for my smartphone Google Play, they have done behind my back and without my authorization. I am asking me to delete my Google account and return to the previous state of Panoramio, the bad thing is that I can delete my account with her Panoramio and my photos and all the comments.

That happens everywhere, here in my country there are converted into clubs fishing ports nautical for wealthy people, everything can be money I'm afraid.

Oh no, I was thinking about the slaves, as in the film Spartacus, hehehe

And we have illusion to show to others what our eyes and our brain perceive, it is even more important.

This visual phenomenon is studied in the schools of graphic design, I had a course where they taught us the reactions of the human being to certain chromatic stimuli, there is a whole science behind it.

Better not come to Spain, here attempts to reintroduce the grizzly bear in the mountains (their natural habitat, by the way) and farmers have discovered a gold mine since they denounced attacks of bears to his cows and charge the insurance money and economic compensations from the Government, earning more denouncing a fake attack that feeding and caring for their livestock. The same happens with the wolves, now that they have returned to Guadarrama after more than 50 years is that farmers say that the wolves kill their sheep. Before the wolves was accused to the vultures, they came to say that they attacked people even. Why better than Smokey the Bear is left living there, no doubt will be much quieter.

I have a Goretex sneakers, are which usually use in substitution of the (also Goretex boots) and are very effective, the sole has a great grip on the rock and the waterproof membrane allows you to walk through the water and keep your feet dry and warm.

The advantage of a dog's long hair as Cindy is having so many knots in his fur that it is impossible for falling hair around the House, however remain across the carpeted floor of the car.

Sounds good. Here there was a bank named 'Hispanic American'


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