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Diseñador industrial. Fotógrafo aficionado. Madrid. 47 años. Cámaras digitales varias y también analógicas, reflex, "bridge" y de bolsillo. Coleccionista de cámaras antiguas. Provincias que más frecuento: Madrid, Cuenca, Segovia, Valencia y Alicante. NO MAS GRUPOS, POR FAVOR, NO MORE GROUPS, PLEASE
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Yes, it's a really interesting dome child remember them painted black and filled with chipped, are now much more attractive.

I love this street is completely original and authentic, whenever I go from San Francisco to the Plaza de Oriente'm here, I prefer to walk slowly through this area and look at the buildings. I think I know the bar you say if only from outside since I have not gotten into it ever.

Thank you very much, I took this somewhat unmotivated picture since it is not my favorite building in all, I can not however deny its importance in the planning of Madrid, after all who am I to criticize a building ?, I'm not an architect.

I totally agree, we live in the age of terror, we thought that ended the Middle Ages and the fear of burning in hell but in the XXI century we see how we try to manipulate based on fear, fear of terrorism, fear of wars, fear of social and economic instability... is the culture of fear.

Me too, actually shot the photo to these roofs attracted by the colorful facades, there was nothing more I became interested in this picture, so I've upload on Panoramio.

Thanks Andy, I do know the location of the gardens and the existence of the church but have not yet visited neither is unforgivable of me and so I admit. A house is sold in that palace for 6 million euros, really be great to live in part of a sixteenth century palace.

Thanks, I had an excellent light for photos, it was a very propitious time.

Said to be one of the coat of arms of the city's oldest preserved, maybe it's true but I found a nice touch.

Thank you very much Andy, I really honor your self and your comment. Now you can see why he said it's better to take pictures from bottom to top, everyone takes pictures from atop the viaduct but it's much more interesting to take them from the St. Segovia.

It is a highly recommendable to eat and have a nice day area, arguably the only true remaining in the entire city. I've eaten there a few times but usually is very expensive, however it does sometimes frequent bars squid "bocadillos", hehehe.


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