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Aficionado a la fotografía sin más pretensión que divertirme y compartir sitios. En Panoramio desde 2007.

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Is likely, at least in regions remote as Alaska. I see many tv shows where those who live there tend to go to the city to drink alcohol and forget everything, for us, who live in the city, it is unheard of.

I think that as going fulfilling years us return more intolerant with the climate warm and ended up saying that of "prefer the cold". Hot and humid weather is fine if you live by the sea and have a rhythm of life paused and accommodated that he allows you to swim daily in the ocean and take long walks on the beach. If not it is a real disgusting, this heat is unbearable.

But I only miro photos of landscapes and places, not am able of look photos of my animals already deceased or of my grandmother or my parents, that would be very painful for my, believe that never will be capable of looking those photos.

A friend of mine told me recently that one day he felt nervous and went into a Starbucks of Málaga, in Andalusia, ordered a coffee and after an hour it suffered a tachycardia and passed it really badly. I left coffee, I feel very bad, it makes me feel very distressed, I returned to the hot cocoa, it is much more enjoyable.

Pity that Charlie Sheen has been a wayward soul, has learned nothing from his father. Did you know that they are of Spanish origin?

Yes, I've seen it many times, the presenter is nice to me but the girl, Channel West Coast, find it me unbearable.

Here in Madrid is has the history of two elderly that died and were devoured by their cats and now their spectra run through the building, think that happened in the century XVIII.

Hola Carmen, supongo que será una especie de testimonio de lo que pasó allí (mucho y muy malo) para que no nos olvidemos de ello y procuremos que nunca se repita, debe ser una especie de Belchite pero en versión Madrid. Un abrazo y muchas gracias por tu comentario amiga.

Yes, I go when my nightmares and my bad dreams give me a break. Here in my country are not placed posters with the names of the places, I like to check there if they do, it is good to know where you are in exactly without using gps.

This picture filled my glasses from small droplets of water.


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