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Diseñador industrial. Fotógrafo aficionado. Madrid. 46 años. Cámaras digitales varias y también analógicas, reflex, "bridge" y de bolsillo. Coleccionista de cámaras antiguas. Provincias que más frecuento: Madrid, Cuenca, Segovia, Valencia y Alicante. NO MAS GRUPOS, POR FAVOR, NO MORE GROUPS, PLEASE

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But at least stays there, not like here, where removed all old and replaced by stupid modern devices of poor quality. There is a disregard for as old as if it is offensive.

That is the impression that I am, I see the water move and hear their rumor, and no kidding, is the effect produced in my brain.

In such a case check the date of your camera, the exif information recorded is not correct.

Without a doubt. Cameras that incorporate an automatic mode for panoramas are no better.

As Jesus... also could call Moses to you open waters!

I am poorly manufactured, I sometimes think if I conceived in China. My ankles are too thin and that me conditions much.

A good barbecue!

There are other factors like the shape of stepping. There is the possibility to make a study of your tread to determine what type of footwear fits best to your foot and your way of walking, they are expensive but very effective studies. Lately me I resent of the phalanges of the foot, finished sore after a walk and I am aware that my tread is not correct.

I am a designer, I learned to draw on paper and translate my ideas into it. Years later stormed the computers in these works and I had to learn how to draw them. I can assure you that there is nothing as drawing made by hand, is much less precise and highly effective but has life, has passion and has soul, computer drawing has a flawless precision and an unquestionable technical quality but it has no life, it is cold and callous. One day will return to value a good work done manually.

With a bottle of vodka running through the blood, I do not think that you import them too the water quality. Here practiced fishing (under authorization) in many public parks but the fish returned to the water later, they call it "fishing without death". However there are citizens of other countries who have decided to create the rules in their own way and they fish into water metal networks connected to car batteries to thus electrocuting the fish and get a lot of them for sale. They also acquired in shops run by Chinese fishing rods and if the police are surprised and nothing happens fishing poles seized them, are so cheap that they buy new ones. Yes friend, this is Spain, the paradise of the offender.


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