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...looks like a fun place! ~ Not. ...looks more like you could lose your mind quickly in a barren, colorless, lifeless place like this! Yuck!

...Yes, Dancid...this beach is FULL of happy North Koreans families! ~ (Not really.) Sad, the condition that the people are forced to live in...while a very few are privileged. God sees the truth.

...Sorry, but people of the world can see through these lies. Sad legacy of a people.

...busy gas for you!

...Yes, Jose...the Lord is their only hope in such a place...God be with them!, just horrible leaders. A true leader cares for their own people...not hung up on power trips!

...No matter what propaganda that North Korea puts out...the people of the world know what this government is doing to its own is cruel and sad to treat your own people with such disregard and abuse.

...Sadness for countries who have no individual freedom. Signs in every town and city to remind them that they are not... (and very insecure leaders!) God sees all....

big surf not for novice

thank you very much for your visit


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