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After 2081 miles of walking with a late friend, Panoramio seems a great way to share photos that would otherwise stay locked away. I hope some will find enjoyment from them! I have started a Group called British Walks and slowly uploading so the pictures can be seen in sequence. If anyone has a sequence of photos from their walks in the British Countryside, and would like to share, please visit the Group

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Thank you Jethro, I remember it was very hot for the time of year, and the clouds were a little relief.

All the best Peter

Hi Jethro I use the negatives. It a bit fiddly on the fingers when you have used a Birmingham Screwdriver all your life!

Problem also ceaning, but I can get the worst specks off.

All the best Peter

Shame about the old tires eh Peter but its the same the world over (some places worse than others)

I'd love to visit Malta as long as I don't have to travel to get there!



Wow, another amazing crop of scans Peter

I admire your patience (says he who once scanned 3,000 slides).

Best wishes ol' buddy from North Carolina - Jethro

I like it this picture of yours kind Joni one. LIKE! Best regards, Gausss

Gorgeous place, i like it!!

Thank you sonja. It is a stunning locality, no matter which way one looks.

Warm regards,


Very nice shot Peter. I like it.

Regards, Rosa.

Hi Peter, I visited this Cathederal...I expect veryone does, but it was a little difficult because a funeral was taking place. You would have thought they should have stopped visitors for a while! Like.

Best wishes, Rosa.

Let me think on it Randy - it would be more of a rant than a story! :o)

All safe and sound though..........

Quite KC

I enjoyed your beer very much Gyöngyi - it was very clever!!

Thank you for your care and concern Harry - all is well this end. Just got home from the trip.

You make a very good point Sixten - You have convinced me that they did put them in the pool. A drop of bleach in the pool and they could have cleaned them up for next year too.

I did weather the storm Peter - mostly from the third floor of a hotel with a beer in my hand.

I like your thinking! This'll stop the daft English playing in the pool out of searson (there IS a story behind that one, and YES, it was me!).

Thanks y'all - some great comments, care and feedback - I appreciate all of you - Jethro



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