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That's it. I'm booking a ticket to Guam

I don't have this cave on my map, and it shows several other caves. When was it discovered? My map is from 1978. lol

LOL. When I saw this on the map, I was expecting an actual house. This is much cooler though.

Oh man. The Northern Marianas are more interesting than I originally thought. I see they would also be worth a visit.

How the hell is is THAT color? WOW!

Nice. I like ruins,.

I was never really interested in the Northern Marianas, but I now see there is quite a bit to see on them, both ancient history, modern history and nature. I see now that the Northern Marianas would also be worth a visit. At least Saipan and Rota. I am seriously considering pairing them with a trip to Guam, as there isn't enough to see on them to make a special trip from the states.

The color of the water. How come it is forbbiden?

WOW! The color of the water! Need I say more. I see Northern Marianas would also be worth visiting, but they are not high on my list, as there are more interesting places.


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