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The majority of pictures in my gallery here are pieces of Torontiana, showing typical street scenes, urban wildlife (human and other), landmarks and local institutions and their details. The other 10% or so are shots from my occasional trips outside this Canadian city.

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:) Yes. It came 'round and filled the frame up!

Well, Kevin, it sure sounds like you've got a neat little system there. One thing left to sort out is switching from coffee to beer at 5 pm!

No flash, Sir, rather continuous light. This ant, the two spiders on the same web, and the little yellow flowers were my first three attempts at using a new on-camera macro light that I got a couple weeks ago. It has flash and continuous light modes but so far I've only used continuous. I used the light outdoors before using it in the studio since that would be the worst possible scenario when using it. So far so good! Its a little unwieldy using handheld but I'm getting used to it.

This is 1:1 with my 85mm macro lens alone (set to 1:1 and rocking the focal plane back and forth for focus). Also a 'DX crop' so thats 128mm equivalent, and then cropped an additional 39% for this copy. All in all, its 1:1 at roughly 177mm equiv.

Not a problem, Sir, except it seems Google is up to some sort of shenanigans this morning with displaying a full size image. I've been using either Picasa or Google Drive for sharing full size images for a few years now - all been good. But right now I can't get an on-screen display any larger than ~2,500 pixels on the long side. Here is a link to what is supposed to be a full size image. But you may have to download it to see the full 3200 x 4800 image - please let me know what you see for onscreen display. The Pano copy is rotated just a bit for composition. The image I linked to is with that rotated crop reset. I'm still using the DX macro lens on the D800 so it auto crops in-camera to a 'DX format', which from the D800 is a 3200 x 4800 image. Also, this is a 23-frame focus stack.

Glad you like it, Sir. Not the sharpest of the bunch but certainly caught in a nice little dive.

HAHAHA, Mr. Sir! Its certainly standing at attention - prolly wondering what all that click-clack noise is!

Good work and beautiful picture. LIKE. Best regards,István.

What a beautiful colors !
he(she) looks like smiling .
LIKE** Greetings from Japan. Savignac

Чудовий краєвид!
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Найкращі побажання,
Юрій з України


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