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It has been said "No One Has Been Able To Stay The Whole Night In The Attic Of This House"...Because Of the ghost that roam though the attic where the slaves were held in chains during the years of illegal slave trading in the mid eighteen hundreds...During The summer of 1967, I was a guess there for the night...Understand...I Was 16 at the time and my two older (17 and 18) cousin that lived about two miles down the road were staying the night also as guess with their friends (a son of the owner of the Old Crenshaw Home) and one other young man also in the same age group...It Was not a challenge to see if we could do it...nothing Like that at all...just Young teenagers boys spending a warm August night together at a friends home with the parents well knowledge with the activities we were having fun...most Times we were camp outside with a tent and a fire and cook some frog legs that we had caught in a near by pond...things That young boys do in the summertime...There Were no thought of ghost or ghost stories but talk of going fishing at their favorite fishing hole or hunting in the near by woods for squirrel or rabbit in the late autumn when the first frost came...Maybe, Who was likely to win the football games coming up in the soon to be first weeks of high school...nothing More than high school boys pulling pranks on each other and talking about the cutest girl in the classes of the up and coming school year...That Is All...But For this weekend sleep over for some reason we stayed in the upstairs attic with our sleeping bags and flashlights since there was no electricity up there...the Hot days and cool night made the old house creek and pop and grown just like every other old farm house in Southern Illinois...But For some reason the years in the 70's there was a lot of talk about the old Crenshaw Home and It was open to the public to visit and see the historical old house...Some Where along the line someone from a Newspaper Company Asked if they could stay though the night in the attic...alone...I Do not know Who, Why, or When this all happened but it is my understanding...They Did NOT make it though the night...And I do not know why...but I think it is all so funny...it Made some good stories and sold some news papers...LOL...But The family Stopped this from happening again and I do not blame them...Can You imaging how much this interrupted the household and the family had to put up with all kinds of weird people wanting to do the same thing just to prove something in their lives...It Is a shame the Home has been closed to the public for decades now and it sit there wasting away...with All of the history of the home...it Will soon fade away and no one will care about the land and the famous people who visited the home over a century and half ago...such A lost to history books......

Update...This building is no longer in these loud colours as the ownership has changed...too bad...the bright colours gave everyone something to photograph...

Update...I was on this road this past month and noticed this house was lost in a fire...also the Phone looks as if it may have been damaged also with all the traffic in and around the property...So I would say it no longer is in operation....

Photo taken in East Eldorado, IL, USA... Oct. 25, 2014 Around 5pm...While Riding The Harley As You Can See My Shadow Keeping Up With Me As It Glides Across The lawns And I Run Down College Drive Headed North...This Is A Great Way To See The Back Roads Of America....

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Taken on 2014/10/25

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