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Tahnk you Mr. Thnasis Germnos.

You have documented heritage of Pakistan. A really great job.

Very well taken.

Greece is a beautiful country. The picture speaks of it, but a good view at proper time.

Thank you for appreciation. How is your health now.I hope wonderful. Stay blessed always.

Manzoor from Pakistan.

Great Sky.Looking cool to eyes and heart.Stay blessed.

commendable are those nation who remember their educators and mentors. A good picture.

A very symbolic shot. Like. Regards from Germany.

Sultan Ahmed of BHAROKI. (1875- 1957) Mr. Sultan Ahmed was a renowned resident of village Bharoki, District. Sialkot, Pakistan. He was my grandfather and Protector. My father, Mr. Bashir Ahmed (1916-1939) completed his studies from the prestigious Murray College Sialkot.( Established 1889).His English teacher was Rev.D.L.Scott. and the principal was Mr. John Garret, whose signature are affixed on his Certificate. (First Missionary, a Scottish Rev, Thomas Hunter, his wife and baby boy all murdered in Indian rebellion of 1857) Some illumine of Murray college are Shams-ul-Ulma Syed Mir Hasan, , Sir. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, and Faiz Ahmed (Faiz)

This was British India and Muslim youths faced serious of problems in getting due share in government service. My father had to seek service, some 1200 km away and a place completely exotic for him, the city of Quetta, having different culture and language. This was highly undeveloped area. He landed as a stranger in some 1935 .Travel time by train was about 30 hours, Unfortunately he expired on the evening of 2 Sep, 1939, due to cardiac failure, and was buried there. After the death of my father my grandfather took my charge and brought me up “like Train up a child in the way he should go.” Sultan Ahmed belonged to a respectable clan of Quraish. Ancestors came from Arab, especially from Meca. (Wikipedia) Many accompanied Mohammad Ben Qasim, and later many travelled to India as traders, and preachers. Some of them settled in Sindh and Multan. Multan was city en route to India from Afghanistan,. After settling permanently those were absorbed with locals and adopted their language and culture. Qureshis were educated, well travelled, wise gallant and adventurers, therefore guided, preached and taught , religion, spiritualism, medicine and languages. Because they practiced Medicine also, therefore became very popular among the locals. My grandfather, having all the characteristics of Arbs, a renowned scholar of languages practiced Medicine, and therefore was a prominent and popular figure of the area. He was revered and respected fetching patients from far and near. I was like his disciple and he discovered in me, the interest in chemicals and medicines. He then instilled in me the desire of knowledge and inquisitiveness. He insisted me to practice discipline. It was his vision that he molded and shaped me that way. When I was child (School 1946 to 1956), he introduced to me different chemicals which later helped me in my studies at school.. Due to his guidance, and supervision, I could make difference between Acids i.e. Nitric Acid, Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid.etc. He used to teach me as his assistant in formulations of medicines .This all looked to me very interesting and thus he educated me that way. I became familiar with process of distillation. I became familiar with different books depicting herbal plants and the characteristics. He had in his library books on medicine, history, religion and literature. One of big sized books, written in Persian was named qarabadin-qadri and was equivalent to English pharmacopeia. Alas; we lost all those books in the upheaval of partition of India in 1947, when our house was looted and ransacked, depriving us all of costly belongings.
It is only and only due to that training, teachings, directions and passion, which he ignited in me, changed my world. He persistently advised me to move forward and get education. This resulted in doing my Engineering Graduation from the renowned and prestigious, University of Engineering and Tech. Lahore. (1971), though, by that time I was a father of four children. My uncle, Mr. Mohammad Siddique, BA. Was an officer in State Bank of Pakistan, Lahore. He very kindly and out of human love and respect to my elders took care of me till I graduated. Without the help, support and elderly advice of Mr. Mohammad Siddique it would have been difficult for me to go smooth for my higher education. In fact Mr. Mohammad Siddique made the dreams of my grandfather become true. The eldest son of my grandfather, my uncle. Mohammad Alam was also a man of integrity and knowledge and imparted teachings of languages in Government High School Sialkot.
This was only due to Late Sultan Ahmed; I could be able to convert my passion into profession and envisaged putting up a Chemicals Industry, named This is a shear result of those efforts which he made deliberately, for overall betterment of the family and successfully changed the world for many of us. All the credit goes to worthy, Sultan Ahmed. He always emphasized to gain knowledge up to last moments of life, which he practiced himself. Sultan Ahmed, being himself an intellectual, used to visit renowned scholars of the nearby area. He took me to the great scholars of Murray College the professor of Persian , (I am forgetting the name.) He took me to, Moulvi Mohammad Ibrahim Sialkoti, a greatly renowned orator. We met him in his quarters in the mosque and I was very kindly led by one of his disciples to his private house situated near Abbott Road railway crossing. I met Begum Sahiba, for paying her regards. She knew my maternal family Moulana Abdul Aziz khokhar and asked few question about their welfare. She offered me few biscuits. My grandfather also took me to Imam Saheb a famous shrine for prayers and to seek the spiritual protection and wellbeing for me. He also took me to Lahore to pay tributes on the shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh. He narrated to me stories of Sheikh Saadi and used to quote his witty writings. He often mentioned about Muslim shrines in Samarqand, Bukhara, Dushanba, Kashger, where Sheikh Saadi travelled. These stories fascinated me, urging me to see those places, learn Persian, Arabic and other languages. The desire of travelling was instilled in me then. And later as a result of those old cravings, I travelled to many countries, from Far East to Middle East, Nordics, Europe and USA. He used to say “Safar Waseela-I -Zafar”; meaning by travelling may bring fortune. Now to many of us who are being benefitted by his steering, and directions think earnestly and from the bottom of our hearts that he established a Sultanate. The heirs of that Sultanate are now M/S. and Minors 1. Hammad Ahmed Sultan. 2. Wahaj Khalid Sultan , 3. Maad Khalid Sultan. 4. Shaheer Arshad Sultan 5. Nameer Arshad Sultan and 6. Sameer Arshad Sultan. My grandmother, named Kareem Bibi, gave me motherly love. She was symbol of humbleness, a devoted mother, the love, affection and warmth. I learned from her modesty and liking for humans. These few words are to commemorate, my late Grandparents. May God shower their grave with light of coolness and blessings. This is also to let my grand children, know the history and the background of their family.

Engr.Manzoor Hussain Hasrat. Chief Executive and founder



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