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I remember this day so well. I had just graduated from college and was in my first job at a PR firm in Chicago. I was preparing to start my first press conference for client CitiBank when suddenly the camera crews started packing up.

I said "Whoa, whoa, where are you going? We're about to start." They told me a United flight on its way to Chicago had just crashed and they were redirected to O'Hare. I had virtually no one at my press conference, but suffice to say once I got home and turned on the TV, I understood why. What an awful day, but what amazing work by the Sioux City emergency teams -- not to mention Capt. Al Haynes and the rest of the flight crew.

just finished reading "Flight 232" by Laurence Gonzales and published in 2014. It seems like a very thorough analysis of the whole incident, but I would love to hear the thoughts of someone who was there, and who has read the book.

Very old medieval house in Koblenz, meanwhile completely renewed. Inside a restaurant and flats.

Gosto da imagem das pessoas, meus parabéns pela captura. Saudações do Brasil.

All should be aware that Sam Lord's Castle burned to the ground several years ago. So, don't plan on staying here during your visit.

B. L. (Ben) Rhodes moved his cider-mill business to Chardon from Hambden, Ohio in 1911. The business was founded by Charles S. Rhodes circa 1865-70 sometime after he returned from service in the Union Army. The 100 hp fire-tube boiler with its smokestack on the left was purchased from the Chardon Independent Electric company when it was purchased by Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company circa 1925. The entire plant was steam powered until sometime in the 1950. Norris (Dusty Rhodes took over the mill from his father and continued to operate the business until he sold in in 1972. The above picture was probably taken in the 1960s or 70s.

Amazing nature! Greetings!


Thank You for the compliment. It was a great adventure all be it a short one.

I had the best day of my holiday at Giraffe Manor. I met the black dog too. And kissed a giraffe.

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