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I was hiding from him and just raised my camera to take this shot.


Got it my friend!!



Yeah! What a treat to hear from you! =) Awwwwhhhh, I'm so happy to hear that you're doing good.

Jamaica? Fantastic! I remember that you were going on the trip. I hope it went well. I bet it was so beautiful there. I have never been, but have always wanted to.

I'm delighted that you're staying so busy with many photo projects. I hope everything is going in the right direction, and that you are pleased with the outcome of what you're doing.

I miss talking with you too, but the little snips here and there will keep me happy. Don't worry, as I have no intentions of forgetting you. =)

I wish you every success with the new direction that your life has taken, and I will always be delighted to hear from you whenever you stop in.

Warmest regards, my friend,

Mary Alice

Coucou Michel

Quel superbe animal ... Où as-tu fait cette belle rencontre ?

Bon dimanche à toi qui le commence à peine ... Bises,


Wow, is this a shared bathing pool?

The year 2009; the place Universal Studio, Orlando. But the street is a replica of an older time period.. How did you come up with 1948? Is it the model of the car?

Thanks for the kind words Bruce!


Well, I hate to boast, but winter here, Michel, is like a summer's day in England, and a summer's day here is like the very jaws of hell, at times! Our winter days can go as low as 14 deg C which is about 57 deg f., and winter nights can be as low as -5 deg c which is about 23 deg f. Today is a cool summer day, and it's 24 deg C, which is 73 deg f, but on a few days this summer, we've had 42 deg C in the shade at our house, which is 108 deg f, and on one occasion, I took the thermometer outside into the sun where I was hanging out the washing, as it was so awfully hot, just out interest, and it went over the end of the scale , which was 56 deg C, which is 133 deg f. That was a very bad day, made worse by the fact that we had just built the house and all the rock was bare around us, with no bushes or grass. It acted like a huge oven. It has never been that bad since we have grown lots of trees and shrubs, thank goodness!

Winter months in Australia are June, July and August, but of course there are heaps of flowers everywhere, nothing is ever dormant, spring is September, October and November, summer is December, January and February and of course, Autumn is March, April and May.

So now you know all there is to know about our seasons! :) I hope MA reads this as well, she likes this sort of thing!

In fact, I found a very useful converter for temps, to put MA out of her misery, bless her heart,

My very best wishes to you, and so glad to have you around! Really,it makes a difference!


Salut Maryse.. :)

Tu pourras me retrouver en version minceur d'ou mon nom M-Lite (pour Michel-Lite). J'avais à me rendre plus effacé mais ne pouvait me retirer completement..

Je quitte demain dimanche très tôt pour un voyage d'affaire de 5 jours alors je ne serai pas beaucoup autour de l'ordinateur pour te répondre si tu m'écris.

Sincères salutations.



I only had one little page, not so very long ago,Just a little part of me..; I shall come over to see your page tomorrow, but right now, I must go to sleep as it's gone 1 am and i'm supposed to be going to bed early! OH dear!

Thanks so much for your visit and greetings,

My very best wishes to you,


Happiness fills my soul. =)

I am overjoyed to find you here, and this water is beautiful.

You have warmed me inside like the sun!

I'm soooooooooooooo happy that you're back!

My warmest welcome to you, Dear friend!

Mary Alice


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