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I have enjoyed climbing since I was a teenager. It's in my blood. I enjoy other sports as well. I work as an engineer using crystals and electronics to make precision instruments. Come now let us reason....

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McSky, The peak in the distance is Silver Star. I was fortunate to climb it this year and also as a teenager. I am glad to see you still posting and you have so photos to look at. Randy :)

Beautiful rock and great action photo! Randy :)

Joel, It seems like a good time to nail down this trip or a shorter one. Let me know when you can get a window. Randy :)

Nah... not enough time ;)

Geezer: Ruins? Perfectly serviceable ;)

PeterPB: :D What risk, if you fall there's 50% chance of hitting the water.

randy♥2climb: With my wife there, no; but with you, i'd give it a go :)


Thank~you all for your visits and thoughtful comments


Thanks for noting this non-alpine-wilderness :) You may find this a fun climb. It's shameful that i haven't even touched it... being that it's in my neighborhood (within city limits).


"Hello" there. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Best wishes to Bosnia from Kelowna,Canada.


Show it to you, i could. HmmmmH. Scruffy


Oh, i see it now! How did "Endo" sneak in there? :O Shhh, don't tell GE, aye ;) BWM8&HFR2DUfUO

Randy Thanks a lot.


Thanks a lot Randy.

I appreciate it.

Greetings Marketa

Andrea, You are right, the top, where most go for a short time is better than everything else.

Randy :)

:) Likewise... Panoramio is indispensable and can not be underappreciated for it's value in exposing all of Mother Earth's corners and diversity. ♡ Thank~you for your kindred spirit Andrea Riberti.

Greetings to southern Switzerland from western Canada



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