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It is rare for me to stay in such a high rise except when in Hong Kong, London, Istanbul, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok or Rotterdam. I like my single storey home in rural Queensland, with a 30 minute drive to the surf beach.... and my holiday in a tent in the wilderness, backpacking from one campsite to another. But there are those who would never do that preferring a high rise unit looking out over the beach and surf with only a 30 sec descent in the lift separating them from the surf.


As far as the landscape is concerned there are lots of similarities with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia... especially where the palm oil plantations have replaced the jungles. I hope you do make it to Solomon Islands one day, ƤōƝƓ. All the best and thanks for the appreciative visit.


Thanks for your interest and appreciation, ƤōƝƓ. I think I have made my last visit to Malaita, so these photos are rather special for me... added to that is the fact that we had hours to walk carrying rice and luggage to get here as the bridges had been washed away by torrential rain earlier in the year.


You are an astute observer, ƤōƝƓ. You will see from GE imagery that this pristine landscape is only a channel width from the city of Gold Coast built-up area. Here on South Stradbroke Island are a diversity of vegetation communities, with mangrove only forming a narrow fringe in some places, such as the foreground edge of the island on left of picture across the first channel.

On the main island in the foreground are sedge lands, cabbage palm swamps, eucalyptus and banksia woodlands and in wet areas, paperbark forests. These communities are scattered throughout the island and found in differing areas depending on individual landscapes, nutrient availability, environmental conditions and previous human impacts. There used to be some rainforest and vine forest patches but they are almost gone now due mostly to occasional fires. In the immediate foreground of the photo the forest of Eucalyptus and Banksia species.

There are 267 plant species that have been recorded on this island. There remains some distinctive ecosystem communities here that are no longer found on the Gold Coast.


Great to share some typical scenes from home with you ƤōƝƓ, and to have you recognize its essence.

Greetings from OZ.


Hi ƤōƝƓ,

Yes they are Melanesians. The lady in the foreground is a Malaitan, the community of people hosting (in the background) are Guadalcanal people.



It is great to see that you have been south of the equator, ƤōƝƓ!! Queenstown is a special place... but it can be difficult to meet a local there!

Best wishes,


Very, very beautiful photos.

The photo is good.

Good shoice motivs and photo is beautiful.



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