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I am retired and exploring the world on foot, by canoe and kayak. You see and experience much more this way. No luxury resorts on some tropical beach for me.

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I have dozens of the old riveted railway bridges in my Panoramio album. Open the albums on the right, scroll down to the "Rs" and look for Railway Bridges.

I never phoned CP to find out why the line was abandoned, but as near as I can tell, they closed their trans-Canada line going north from Ottawa along the Ottawa River, and now ship everything to Toronto then north to Parry Sound and Sudbury. The Toronto line is over loaded causing problems. But they do have one less line to maintain. Conversely, how do you do maintenance on the last line, if the traffic is so heavy? Still, they may be doing a major upgrade on this line, and tore everything out to do a better job. I don't know.

Years ago, I used to have frequient stange dreams that made no sense. One of them looked a lot like this. I was on a hand pump cart on a train track on a embankment like this that erroded into water. The odds of coming across this same scene in real life.

Was up skiing the other day & remembering your photo, couldn't help thinking the location on the map is incorrect. Could be mistaken, but don't think Gowabunga is visible from where the icon for your photo is located on Google Earth. My best guess is that the shot was taken farther up, not from Aunt Gladys, but close to where Wee Willy merges in to Pipeline. I believe what we are viewing are run outs for Pipeline, Uncle Buck & Cat Man Do. Small section of the bottom of the Gong Show is just visible & The steep wide run at the right of the photo should be High Lead, possibly Quicksilver. Gowabunga is way over on the other side of the Powder Gulch Express lift. I've scrutinized the trail map, the photo & my mind's eye as best as I could to come up with this!

I do have a number of photos, but certainly not for all the runs. Seems that there are plenty of contributions already, although the Putnam Creek runs could use a bit more exposure! I think most people skiing the blacks & double blacks are to preoccupied to snap photos. Or they're busy taking video footage with their GoPros!

I was told that by a knowledgeable person and there was an archeological dig there. The historical society would not confirm it for security. There is evidence of another site that is better suited. At worst, if there is a mistake, the proper site is just across the bay, but the story is correct. This was Madeleine's land in what was then Indian territory. Brave woman.

I thought so too, but Google Earth rejected it twice with no reasons given. Then they accept a lot of total utter junk, 10 pictures of a single park bench, meaningless highway traffic, out of focus, into the sun and so on. They really need to check what goes on the night shift at GE. I suspect many of them just accept the first 100 pictures and then reject the next 100 then go for a coffee. It really is that bad. It is frustrating from my end when such pictures are rejected, but I can always re-submit which I did. They now have over a hundred million pictures, over half should be removed to improve the site.

I usually see several of these in that area in mid May. There will likely be several Scarlet Tanagers, a half dozen Baltimore Orioles, and 15 or 20 varieties of warblers on a good day. Be sure to come on a day that had light winds from the south west. The very best is following a few days or more with northerly winds that hold the birds back. Once the winds are SW, then they come through in swarms.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I certainly will check out your Ghost Railways, since this is an area of fascination for me. I love the not only the history, but the stark contrast of the Canadian wilderness with the heavy industry of rail. It's incredibly beautiful to my mind, and I am presently constructing a website which will feature shots of abandoned factories, old and current rail infrastructure, mines, power lines, etc. It would be nice to eventually feature the work of many photographers. Thanks again Steve.


Canada? Atlantic or Pacific side? Your icon is over the water purification plant, not this house. I have no idea where the house in your photo is, and I live in the area.

Steve Manders wrote: <i>16 almost identical pictures of a person and nothing said about the scenery is not what Google Earth is suppose to be about. It breaks one of their prime rules. It is not for family photos.</i>

Steve, if you think I am lapsing from some policy I agreed to did it occur to you to link to that policy?

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