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thought I'd let ya know.

Yes - it does seem likely that the stones used for the dam came from the mine. I've been told that it was probably an arsenic mine, although it's so small it may never have paid. (Arsenic was used in pesticides before organic petrochemical pesticides were invented.)

this photo of rocky peak helped me pin point the area that I have been looking for from an old photo I have for a rephoto oppurtunity. Thanks. Salems Public Library used to have the photo. Not sure what happened to it otherwise I would have givin you the link.

nice photo showing them starting to remove the lead paint on the front. Almost done with the whole dredge.

I was glad to to have found this site. If it weren't for the road signs. Was this locomotive fully operating as it came in?

It was kiger island for sure.

original photo at

LCorbin, yes, it was taken from the Monument.

I think you are right. As I did some research, I didn't see much difference between the elk and mule deer. The mule deer are suppose to have the ears like the mule or donkey but elk have big ear too. The only difference I see is the white fur on the rear ends of the elk goes higher up unlike from the ones in this picture. The one male with antlers in this picture looks about as half as big as a full grown Elk bull. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I have to go back out and find a herd of Elk.


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