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Oh yes! Thank you so much. I did not notice the crease and couldn't read the hubcap. This beauty is exactly the same. I will change the title. One thing that's annoying to me, a novice car-identifier, is that even when I have a pretty good idea of the year - give or take a few - the image search results are mostly extreme hot rods. So, I don't quite know what I'm looking at. Maybe you can help me ID this one.


:D Didn't know how to respond to that one, as my wife is already jealous of my cars ;)

_Bestist wishes OZ, ~stace


Thanks for your exuberation. i am so in ♥ with my baby. And, you did't ask what colour it will be when finished :) You 'get' it'. Awesome.

... i hope you followed the above link to the video, and here is how Gunner looks 2day (with a l'll HDR) ;)

i have looked at your link :) and shall comment there. Perhaps others will follow ;)

Have a great day, aye.

Thanks for the sentiment, Diane. Perhaps beyond restoration (even as a rat~rod); but, at least appreciated as 'art' by the likes of us here ;)

Bestist wishes, Oregon. From Kelown B.C.

Your grandson and i have much in common, them. Thank~you for your "heavenly" complement, Diane.

Have a great day in Oregon, fr:BritishColumbia

P.S.: Please show your grandson the Flickr link for more Mopars :)

:D You know your cars, Diane. 1954, it is. John was honoured when i told him ;)

Thanks for commenting on "Chareece". You have a great eye for classic muscle ;) And yes, i have to pinch myself every time we go for a spin ~ to make sure i'm not dreamin'.

Best wishes to Oregon from Kelowna B.C.

Thank you very much Stacy, I'm happy that it grabbed your attention!

Of course what you don't see is the experiments that don't work!! (But that's the fun of the hobby!)

Best Wishes Peter

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for looking back through the ancient history to find this. I really appreciate it when folks do that. Just round the corner this is the scene that now meets the eye. The once mighty industrial area, and its miles of docks railways, now a thing of my youth. (I used to work here a long time ago...)

Best Wishes Peter


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