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Sorry folks, this is not a National Sportswear location. This company's name is actually Red Diamond Company. Several years back we sent them a letter of seize and desist because they where using our Famous Trademark "National Sportswear" without our consent. They ignored our request and continued to use it. At the time our law firm sent them this request, they decided it was better to ignore it then make a telephone call. What they chose to do was go directly to the United States Federal Trademark office to attempt to file "our name" "National Sportswear." When the Federal Trademark office asked them to change their request because "National Sportswear" was already a name owned exclusively by "National Sportswear Incorporated" "also a New Jersey registered Corporation", Red Diamond ignored the first request and attempted to register the name "National Sportswear of New Jersey." At this point the Trademark office requested them to "stop" because they were committing a fraudulent act knowing that there is already a National Sportswear in existence and they their attempt to confuse the consumer was only making it worse. National Sportswear Incorporated owns this name "National Sportswear" and it has been registered to us for years. This name is Trademarked under the United States Federal Trademark laws as a section 8 and section 15 Trademark. This means that it is non contestable. After Red Diamond realized that they were not going to be able to Trademark our name. They decided to hire a company which we were unable to verify whether it is even legitimate through the new Jersey State department of business registration, in other words they are not a registered business. And this business is Livewebstudios. They used this company to list themselves as National Sportswear on all the local listings. They also attempted to steal several of our accounts whom agreed to testify in court against them on our behalf. We finally were forced to file litigation against Red Diamond for the infringement of our famous name "National Sportswear" and we were granted our default judgment against them on five counts of infringement. This has been a long and aggravating journey and I hope that anyone who reads this can understand that a name is a valuable possession and no one has the right to take that away from you. It is as bad as identity theft. And I am sure that you would agree with me, that you would not enjoy the process of trying to explain to everyone who you are after someone stole your name. I will be posting more about this on a special page dedicated to this because I am the CEO and founder of National Sportswear. My name is Duncan Benedict. I think people need to be made aware of these situations so that they may better understand them. I would like to also note here, that during this entire hardship, regardless of my costs and aggravation and losses, I made it very much aware to all those involved including but not limited to my own attorneys, that I was not attempting to put Red Diamond out of business nor take business away from them. Even though they did attempt this on numerous occasion to me. I do not believe two wrongs make a right and knowing the kind of hardships he imposed on me, my family and my company, I refused to do the same thing back. Issues like this should be resolved peacefully and with as little harm as possible. Understand this, since the very beginning when I founded National Sportswear, I made every conceivable attempt to make it known that we are who we are. We have never used any other name other then National Sportswear. We own every dot com variation of the name to stop people from making a possible mistake of using it. We also Trademarked our name "National Sportswear" and we have incorporated our name as National Sportswear in many States, not one, but many. The United States Department of Revenue also only recognizes us as National Sportswear. You can visit our website and read more about us and even get more insight into this situation including images of the Federal Court Order against Red Diamond. Well, this is it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it sheds some light on who is who. Kindest regards Duncan Benedict CEO National Sportswear

Very beautiful place: YSL
Kind regards, René

Fantastic impression: YSL

My photo for the contest by ( at Facebook) of
Title: Erster Schnee oberhalb Zernez (Val Cluozza)

Link direct: 1000 thanks!

Best regards, René

Thank you very much Alla Saed greetings from Somerville, New Jersey.

nice composition! best wishes, Fai


like & fav


Thank you Gaetan yes #60 is old didn't ride the train rather was just getting photos / videos of it.

Most that I can do is Zoom next time when I'm there...

Thank you Warner I would loved to see the float barge in operation while I was there but heard they stopped it for now hopefully I heard they want to reactivate the operations across the bay.

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