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My date was wrong I was there in 1964-1965

We had the problem of snakes, the green one in the photo caught inside the lighthouse, Scorpions under the trees, a dark green/black also lizards which used to come up looking for food by our cooking facilities. when we first went there we had monkeys in the trees but they seemed to disapear, I was at the camp in Kuching, They took us to the Po by Wessex sometimes with a trainee pilot with instructor we used to put a flare out to indicate wind direction, one day the wind caught the tail rotor and nearly turned it into a lawnmower. We also encountered sea snakes downat the beach, I think there were a lot of creepy crawlies lurking about. When I first started looking on Google Earth for the Po it didn't show up, so I put my photos where I thought it was, then years later it started to show up so I had to reposition my photo a little, the latest pictures show it looking Brown instead of the shiny metal it was when we were there. Regards Jeff Comment to Ponyemnp

Before the steps were built, It would appear the only way up was with the aid of long tree trunks with steps cut into them, the signs of which were still there when this picture was taken, Dec 1964--Nov 1965

Hi mlambie, I took this photo when up the lighthouse with Jock but couldn't remember his name thanks for answering that puzzle for me, will let the others know who I am in touch with, also have a picture of Pete Robinson, and some other chaps who he might remember posted on Google Earth, under Tanjung Po Malaysia.

Regards J Davies

This photograph looks very like the one I have just put on the system, Mine was taken just down the cliff from Tanjong Po lighthouse where I was stationed whilst in the navy 1964-1965


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