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NO MORE GROUP INVITATIONS, please. If it is first time that you came across my gallery and if you have some time, please see my 5 '*24' tags: My best shots, My favorite Japan, My favorite Kyoto, My favorite night shots and My favorite Tokyo. These combinations are constantly updated. I'm a Japanese male working as a freelance in IT industry. Currently I'm working for several companies for Linux/Windows server management, supporting Windows/Mac clients and developing small software like management script for Google Apps and internal utility tools (mainly) written in Python. At home, I'm not using Windows nor Mac. I'm using Debian GNU/Linux (stable and/or testing). I like travel in Japan mainly by rail. I like specific regions like Kyushu, San-In, Kyoto, Nara and Hokuriku. Living in Tokyo near Shinjuku. As a hobby photographer, I take snapshot of ordinary Japanese life like streets, onsen (spa), small cities and so on. In Panoramio, I want to show variety scenes of Japanese life. So every page of my gallery is different.. My most viewed photo is a beautiful snapshot of Mount Fuji took from airplane (my profile picture), but that was an exception. I'm not that good. I was just lucky and that's only coincidence. Older photos without any comment might be deleted in some time. Currently I'm using Olympus E-P1/E-M5 (m4/3). Recent photos taken in RAW (.ORF) format and processed with Darktable, UFraw, Luminance HDR and GIMP (because I'm a linux user).

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Nice, really really nice! Like

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan.

Greetings again Patrizio,

Yes, it was a very inspiring atmosphere.

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.

Greetings Kicaj and Joëlle,

I'm very glad you like the view! It was really beautiful.

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you again waldwind!

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.

Greetings *Finn,

I'm really glad you like the composition!

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.

Greetings Finn and waldwind,

Finn, it's always very nice to have your comment.

waldwind, you're right. I'll really miss the atmosphere.

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.


Thank you again, Tiffany!

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you Gunda!

Best wishes from Tokyo Japan.

Greetings Bram, longdistancer and Mirjana,

Thank you for visiting, commenting and likes.

I'm really glad you like the shot.

Best wishes from Tokyo, Japan.


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