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Panoramio. Be Afraid. Be very afraid. I am coming for you on my Black Satanic Google steed named "Doomed".

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Hi Brian.This train takes you from near the airport in Basseterre all along the East and North coast and nearly to Fig Tree in the West. You are then bussed back ( in our case ) to the cruise terminal. Drinks on board - rum punch - weak but refreshing and orange juice. You are correct - it does not stop but it does not travel all that fast so good photo taking sites all along the way. MikeS

Dana. Thanks for pointing out my error in naming this image wrongly. I have now rectified the names on all the images where Annahootz appears. If you find any other wrongly named or described please let me know. Sitka was your home town originally ? We were only there for a day - cruise ship visit - and found the town very pleasant and interesting. Thanks again. MikeS

Hello Geoff, Can I mention that this image of the Woodin Canal, New Caledonia has been wrongly mapped in Seattle ,Washington,USA. There is also another image nearby ,also by you , which is also wrongly mapped. Mike S

I appreciate that, I thought it might be interesting to see what these locations looked like throughout history, so I am matching up photos of the past to their current locations. Most photos I use are from the Library of Congress, free for public use.

Save Panoramio!!!

Dear User, visitors and guests, please sign the petition to save this photo community, because Google plans to shut it down. If this happens you will no longer be able to look at our photos here or in Google Earth.

Liebe Gäste, bitte unterschreiben Sie diese Petition zum Erhalt dieser Fotogemeinschaft, Google will dieses einstellen. Sie sehen dann unsere Fotos nicht mehr hier und in Google Earth. ► Hier◄

Greetings febrok

Hello You have mapped a photograph of Ketchikan,Alaska in Seattle at Pier 91. Can you please move it to the correct position in Ketchikan Thankyou

Hello MikeS ... the geographic features in Alaska are of such a huge scale, that sometimes it is hard to get a proper perspective ... nothing is small or close, and it is bigger than it first appears ... My visit to Tracy Arm was on a misty/foggy day, which limited sight-seeing visibility, but lent an ethereal (tones of black-and-gray) quality to the photographs. Y'all have a great day, Wally

Jesper, I posted my first picture this one in Panoramio 12 feb. 2008 and was happy as a child when I saw it was selected and visible on Google Earth!

I still think that the main goal of Panoramio is to show the world as the world is (as he is using Google Earth), and not just another art photo gallery.

Best wishes,


Hi from UK, Wally. Glad you like the stitched images of my first trip to Alaska. If you would like to see more panoramas of places I have visited please take a look at the last two pages of my gallery. MikeS

... OK ... so I have marked it as one of my favorites ...

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