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سید خالد جانه سلامونه مو دهر څه دمخه قبول کړی ، د کوګل په نقشه کی مو دکندهار انځورنه ځای کول ستر خدمت دی ، خدای دی داسی ځوانان همیشه لری ، او سخت خوشحاله سوم چی ستاسو له طرفه می زیات انځورونه پکښی ولیدلی خو یو خواهیش می دادی کوښښ وکړی چی ښایسته ښایسته انځورونه پورته کړی ځکه چی دا ټول نړیوال ګوری په دی کی به یو ښار ښایسته معرفی سی اوله بله اړه هغه کسان چی ددی سیی په اړه غلط فکر لری دهغوی زړه به یو څه به دلاساه وی ځکه چی دکندهار سیمه ټولو کسانو ته جنګ ځپلی سیمه معلومیږی او لا زیات خارجان موږ ته دلته په خارج کی پیغور راکوی چی دا تاسو د څنګه ځایه راغلی یاست ، مننه دزړه له کومی

Now it is posted three times.

We always called this Elephant Rock, It kinda looked like a elephant laying down. I have a few Pictures of this rock that I need to up load on here. By the way you have some good pictures!


in ancient city.Ancient place from shabir ahmed form mazar-e-sharif,Afghanistan

باغ قریب کوه

This Dam was built by United States in 1952. It is one of the biggest Dams in Southern Region of Afghanistan. It generates 250 Kilowatt of electricity and capable of generating more than 9000 Kilowatt. Currently, the hydro power staion remains idle due to lack of maintenance since it was built. Dehla Dam was originally built for 45 years. Now Dehla Dam does not store that much water as it used to do because of layers of mud in bottom of the Dam and due to lack of maintenance.

This is used mostly by men for swimming during the summer and people also use it for drinking in some part of this big pond. I am not using the word river because it is not flowing during the winter and sometimes, during the summer it is dry and the water is block for some reasons. It is also one of the major causes water related deaths in Kandahar, especially the young kids. It flows hundreds of miles from North of Kandahar to South along to the near Sandy areas

The two buidings were built during the new elected government of Afghanistan under president Karzai. Previous building were used by Taliban to torture people for shaving their beards or having television. Those building were partially destroyed by air raids by US after september 11 attacks and later on torn down by government to build new building now used for communcation companies and other commercial objectives

This is one of the most old mosquests located in Kandahar city, Shahar Naw area. During Taliban regime, the name was changed to Blue mosque and it was also painted Blue. But after collapse of Taliban regime, this mosque was painted Red again. Taliban did not like the Red color as it symbolizes the Soviet Occupation. Red was the official color used by Soviet Union. Still people know this mosque by the name of Red mosque.

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