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Gone Fishin' _________________ RIP Panoramio of Olde. Eduardo and Joaquin, we miss you!!!! All of the ill-conceived Google changes to Panoramio, especially the unusable and Google-Account-exclusive forum, have pretty much destroyed the Panoramio so many of us used to know and still long for. What was the most user-friendly and interactive photography forum on the web is now an inaccessible mess. Rather than improving the site, the programmers seem to spend their time fiddling around with a never-ending stream of silly little programming games that only serve to make the site even less easily accessible.The biggest success of all this fiddly-diddly programming has been the killing off of the original sense of community. So while I check in on my page and even upload a few photos from time to time, I've pretty much given up on staying an active participant. So apologies for extreme delays in replying to comments. But those who know my friends and me know where to find us on Facebook - so come on by :)

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I'm glad you like this shot Haokmtu. Greetings, Bart.

Amazing mirror image. YSL. Inviting you to my Herons group.

Human Being There

A well composed picture of the Dorset landscape -I like it.

Best wishes from Hamburg


Hi Heidi.

Maybe I overstepped the limit of 11 photos. I might try again.

Круто закручивает мать природа.LIKE.

Смокинги театральные, Шекспировских времён.

Чудесная компания друзей природы вашего двора !!!

Олень уже почти ручной?Славная компания.

Просто кошачья забава ,делать круги на воде и смотреть своё убегающее отражение.Привет из Израиля.



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