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Having lived and worked in Northern Cyprus for over four years during the 90's and also having been fortunate enough to tour the dead city on August 20th 1994 (20 years to the day since the Turkish Invasion).

Northern Cyprus contains some of the worlds most precious architecture. Famagusta enjoys beautiful beaches starved of people to enjoy. Pyla village sees enourmous smuggling between separated Cypriots. A bumbling puppet government struggle to rise above corruption under the poor Turkish Currency and a third world budget.Old Greek homes now house 3rd Generations of families who don't particularly understand that their Grandparents were allocated to this house by the Turkish Military and now treat it as their family home. Both sides accuse the other of attrocity and genocide. Well, nowadays people are beginning to understand that war for futile religious arguments is a ridiculous waste of life.

The Greeks must accept monetary compensation for their past possessions and live in peace and harmony with the resettled Turks and Cypriots. The Turks must show humility, friendship and forego some strict muslim fundamentalism to live again in a multicultural modern society.


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