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50's Contented family man,who likes meeting people from around globe, interested in general info work, family, surroundings, customs. Collects clean jokes and riddles. Enjoys nature, photography, gardening landscape photography. In 2003 I had Long Service Leave which means a paid holiday of 3 months because I managed to stay in one job for ten years. Everyone in Australia gets this. Born in Karlsruhe Germany but I grew up in Australia from 1956. We lived near the Port of Hamburg in Germany and one day my brother and I climbed onto a ship but got lost on the ship later that night when hunger started to rule ....I wont bore you with the details as we say here the rest is history and we ended up in Australia, only to be reunited with the family in 1956, an early start to my travelling adventures. I did a world trip in 2003 and many photos are listed here from that trip. As well as the Bonus trip I got from United Airlines for doing the world trip with them to any destination in the central pacific area. So I went to the Cook Islands. This place is a real paradise at the right time of the year. My email is The world trip included visiting the USA Germany Korea China Singapore.It was fabulous . I would do it all again if I had the money. There are pictures here from my house out the lounge room window at different times of the year. There are some autumn pics showing the colours around the Adelaide hills where I live. 2010 I ahd a quick triop to China as I had not had a holiday for 3 years. Most pics are mapped.
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Hi Hidenobu, I was travelling from Shenyang to Shenzhen in 2010 and stopped over in Dalian too. I saw your picture of yours at Olympic Square in Dalian, but I didn't see it amongst your pages of pictures. Have you removed it? I like your strong use if contrast in some of your photos well done. Your nature themes come out very strongly as well. Best regards Gunter

I have searched the world looking for this plant fauna and now I Have found it because of you bland photograph. So wonderful to know it is alive and well.(我已经搜查了世界寻找这种植物动物,现在我发现它因为你平淡的照片。所以高兴知道它活得很好。)

If its Roma Lake you need to shift your marker its 600 meters out of place. (如果罗马湖你需要改变你的标记其600米的地方。)

This is good tucker Jeeves keep them coming.

I cant see any statues near here.

if a site is blocked in mainland china, they have to use VPN to access it. some of VPN is free, but not stable.

Merci de la visite, Christos

How can the marker be beside a road and then you display a picture with the sea.... its needs to be relocated. I am going there Saturday I will let you know wher to place it correctly

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