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いつもご訪問&心温まるコメントありがとうございますぅ。 お気に入りのフォトグラファーの皆様の写真を定期的に見たいのですが、しばらくほかのことに時間を割くこととなりました。個々にご挨拶できなくて申し訳ないです。この場で替えさせていただきます。m(_ _)m I am sorry to say, I could not respond to all visitors. I find the time to visit your wonderful gallery again soon. petitparis .。oO○.。o.。oO○.。o.。oO○.。o.。oO○.。 The time has gone. This was in the white of the year, Looking back is best that is left or if it be before. You noticed smallest things, things overlooked before by this light upon your mind. Departed to the judgment and many hurts. Nobody knows the place was recently among us. It might be easier to fail, just felt the world go by. .。oO○.。o.。oO○.。o.。oO○.。o.。oO○.。 ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜★゜ "I heard you play, but you just put your hands. I have devoted, you said words and notes he kept silent. With each stroke of your voice, I fell on the floor of your room. Poisoned me, love. Touched not for me, you did for the world. gave me no melodies, was released only to love. Already I hear your hands on the piano ... Because there was music. was you. " comment by a brilliant photographer, Esther ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜★゜
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Hello Reiner. Thank you for your stars, but more over I am pleased that you enjoyed this wonderful African sunset. Greetings from The Netherlands, Jan

Greetings Nada, Thanks for the visit and the comments. Mt Fuji is a very easy climb and can be done in one day with a daylight start. What you must do with Fuji is watch the sunrise. So you start at mid day the first day and spend a portion of the night in a really nice hut (there are dozens of them), then, get up at 2;30 AM and stroll to the top and find a nice place to sit and watch the sunrise. That is the spiritual way to climb Mt. Fuji. It is a lot of fun. Take care and have a great day. Cheers, Rich

Merci beaucoup ERIC pour ta visite et ton agréable commentaire. Ciao.

Świetne. Like. Jgiondla

Greetings Nada, Thanks for the visit and the comments and wonderful information. I am sure the folks in Estes Park will be pleased they are compared to Switzerland. You are very kind. Take care and have a great week. Cheers, Rich

Wow! Che posto ! LIKE

Very beautiful scenery.

Beautiful pictures of nature.


Regards Gyöngyi

Ohhh Andreas... it's really impressive... an amazing construction!!!!

I'm wondering... this seems an old picture. Do you remember how old is it?

I'm reading a bit about this place in this link here. Definitely an interesting place.



Thank you Tiffany.



謝謝Remzi AYDIN 于 十一月 10, 2013的訪問及讚美.宁.


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