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great shot. looks like fun. there are so many people from the Falls and North Hill who spend their whole lives within walking distance of the Gorge that never come down here and just enjoy this place for what it is. Pack a picnic, come on down!

the footbridge was the location of many older photographs of the dam and spillway. the footbridge site is just upstream of butterfly rock, the south abutment still stands proudly among some trees and bushes, the north abutment rises from the curved shale wall just below the river trail. eroded earth (probably caused by the making/maintaining of the river trail) accumulated on the uphill side of the cut-stone pier and finally got heavy and forceful enough to literally push the top of the pier into the river. there are now many of the hand-cut blocks in the riverbed, and some have been taken, but they are extremely heavy... sb

thank`s for the info.

This is the discharge pond for the hot spring just southeast of here (at the freeway fenceline).

I guess FirstEnergy didn't want to spend the money to remove the saddles and restore the place to its natural state. I bet the only reason they removed the pipe was for the scrap value (or someone got hurt and they got sued).

Notice the drain pipe sytem which was added recently- wasn't necessary until they paved the surface. It was fun to look down out the car windows thru the open-grid deck. Driving across the frozen steel grid was a bit hair-raising, so its a good thing it was paved.

Nice! I was always afraid to climb on that bridge. When I was akid, you were considered to be brave (or crazy) to crawl across inside the main arch boxes.

It was an old army-surplus quonset hut and it was always hot and humid even with all the sliding windows open. They should have more showers available and less chemicals in the spa. Sorry- I disagree with locking showers, people lock themselves in there and waste tons of water/energy (the water is heated above its natural temp), often while others are waiting.

They're out there.... not everyone stays at our overrated/overpriced San Diego County parks.

your tax dollars at work....


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