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BTW, I have heard the box girders have been modified with grids to keep little daredevils out.

....a freshwater lake on a bed of sand in a bowl made of sodium chloride and calcium carbonate. Gee, i wonder why it didn't work? Maybe since it rained like hell for the first few winters of the lake's existence, all the experts (did they even have experts back then?) were fooled into thinking it would be a stable habitat. It's doomed to dry up. 500 thousand mudsuckers can't be wrong!

how do you know this was done by locals???

what a small world. great-looking fish. his records are probably safe- the sea can't support fish of this size anymore- too much salt and contaminants nowadays for a fish to grow old. hope you guys figure it out and maybe get together!

krazy glue works like KRAZY!!

this is actually near azure dr and marina dr.

very good point, not1word! the food chain in the salton has to be incredibly delicate; conditions that can kill off a species low on the chain would probably start a domino-effect die-off. what a shame we can't put this body of water to a better use, or ANY use!

what if they built a high school and nobody came? oh, i guess they did!

the purple trailer wheels really complete the look! lol

still used for instrument/night landing practice.


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