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I'm sad that this is gone now and I never had a chance to explore it.

Perhaps you are right. However, the address listed for Castalia Farms- 7101 Heywood rd.- is considerably west of here- in fact on the other side of Prairie road. My map or Google Maps must be wrong. sorry..

swimmerbob said: i first came to this area in spring or summer of 1983 and the trestle was intact.... Bill cook replied: I took this pic while returning from a trip to San Felipe in Baja. We were driving a van I sold early in '77, so it's likely the trestle was repaired.

great shots! you were very fortunate.

My craps playground!

Oh, yeah, the old GBO323- how's she doing??

One of the big feats for gorge daredevils was to crawl across the gorge inside of the main arch girders. Count me out!

aka Old Maid's Kitchen.

Brave is the person who puts in to raft or kayak the river on that day!

Not just a beautiful falls, but a whole section of river gorge about half a mile long. many caves, formations, trails and glens ruins were submerged by the dam. The dam hasn't had any practical use for many years. (sorry, i don't consider the tiny hydroelectric project there as being practical) it appears as though first energy and advanced hydro solutions are using the project to try to justify the existence of their dam. the small white penstock is visible at the top of the dam, river left.


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