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This is the discharge pond for the hot spring just southeast of here (at the freeway fenceline).

I guess FirstEnergy didn't want to spend the money to remove the saddles and restore the place to its natural state. I bet the only reason they removed the pipe was for the scrap value (or someone got hurt and they got sued).

Notice the drain pipe sytem which was added recently- wasn't necessary until they paved the surface. It was fun to look down out the car windows thru the open-grid deck. Driving across the frozen steel grid was a bit hair-raising, so its a good thing it was paved.

Nice! I was always afraid to climb on that bridge. When I was akid, you were considered to be brave (or crazy) to crawl across inside the main arch boxes.

It was an old army-surplus quonset hut and it was always hot and humid even with all the sliding windows open. They should have more showers available and less chemicals in the spa. Sorry- I disagree with locking showers, people lock themselves in there and waste tons of water/energy (the water is heated above its natural temp), often while others are waiting.

They're out there.... not everyone stays at our overrated/overpriced San Diego County parks.

your tax dollars at work....

I'm sad that this is gone now and I never had a chance to explore it.

Perhaps you are right. However, the address listed for Castalia Farms- 7101 Heywood rd.- is considerably west of here- in fact on the other side of Prairie road. My map or Google Maps must be wrong. sorry..

swimmerbob said: i first came to this area in spring or summer of 1983 and the trestle was intact.... Bill cook replied: I took this pic while returning from a trip to San Felipe in Baja. We were driving a van I sold early in '77, so it's likely the trestle was repaired.


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