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how about table rock?

back in the day, bear valley and kitchen creek were the places to shoot your latest new toy.

both wikipedia and guiness book of world records list the thermometer at baker as the tallest. tell us more about the thermometer in copenhagen.

the had-carved chevron-shaped CNF sign at the cul-de-sac blew down during a santa ana wind avent about 15 years ago. i went to descanso ranger station and informed a guy (wish i had written down his name and title) of the downed sign. the park service either removed the sign altogether or they did nothing and it was stolen (i suspect the latter). apparently, they feel that if there is no signage- there is no park to maintain. so, if you give your land to the park service to be enjoyed by all- it may not work out that way. 'YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK'

it was closed for about six months. the owner, dana, secured funds to attain sole ownership/increase wholesale business. good luck to her; her goodies are always tasty!

i'm wondering if this wind farm just serves local energy needs... it seems like at any given time only a few units are operating. there are dozens of turbines here- how can that be economically feasible??

i used to go to watkins glen grand prix every fall and love the finger lakes region as well as upstate new york, but the scenery here absolutely blows away anything there, or anything in the east, for that matter....

I CAN'T COUNT how many times have i driven by and seen only some of the turbines operating- often times just a few.... if you drive out interstate 10 in the palm desert, most, if not all, of those turbines are usually spinning like crazy. either there is not enough wind here, or they are having trouble maintaining their equipment...(or both?).

i wouldn't think it would be that hard to just place it thru memory, but if you are posting lots of photos, i could see where it would be helpful. its amazing how many misplaced photos there are just in san diego area. i stopped correcting them- it became too time-consuming and many submitters ignore correction suggestions.

actually, it was a vernal pond until the south end was built up to create a lake back in the 30's when it was the upper part of a pig ranch. it was a good job- sometimes it stays wet for years at a time. ditto for little laguna just to the west. pigs were driven there from Cibbetts Flat (near the present-day campground) every spring- i remember watching the spring and fall drives along Kitchen Creek road when I was a kid.


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