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I CAN'T COUNT how many times have i driven by and seen only some of the turbines operating- often times just a few.... if you drive out interstate 10 in the palm desert, most, if not all, of those turbines are usually spinning like crazy. either there is not enough wind here, or they are having trouble maintaining their equipment...(or both?).

i wouldn't think it would be that hard to just place it thru memory, but if you are posting lots of photos, i could see where it would be helpful. its amazing how many misplaced photos there are just in san diego area. i stopped correcting them- it became too time-consuming and many submitters ignore correction suggestions.

actually, it was a vernal pond until the south end was built up to create a lake back in the 30's when it was the upper part of a pig ranch. it was a good job- sometimes it stays wet for years at a time. ditto for little laguna just to the west. pigs were driven there from Cibbetts Flat (near the present-day campground) every spring- i remember watching the spring and fall drives along Kitchen Creek road when I was a kid.

The gravity hill : when you leave the highway, you do your stop as usual here, you put your car in neutral and your car will slowly back and recover. Fun and it really works!

water supply for the old ellis ranch.

a great place to take the dogs

can you believe people actually drove cross-country on that little bumpy ribbon of concrete? the road crews must have been constantly repairing it.

you could get a taco & soda... and a tankful of gas.. for about two bucks. that was the fun part. now, if you were REALLY lucky- your car might have made it all the way to san diego without getting a flat or overheating.

it's a long way from devil's canyon up to in-ko-pah park- about 5 miles up and quite steep- i wouldn't want to hike it...

so the sun set in the east that night?


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