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so....pornographic movies with great scenery?? i don't believe it. one could make porno movies in a warehouse or tract home- what would be the attraction to make opne here? people don't advertise where such movies are made; i would think you have to be involved in some way since have knowledge of it.....

no way- there were never enough cars around here for such a business to survive. this place was abandoned (as far as railroads and mines are concerned) by WWII, only the well-to-do had cars in the 20's and it didn't get better during The Great Depression. These people were miners and railroad employees- they were lucky to have jobs, let alone a car. they couldn't even have horses or non-native pets here in the summertime.... oh yeah, those were the days!

i see this was uploaded in march 2008. may have been a short season like it was this year- 2012 packed it up in february. cold weather and frosts can really shorten the citrus seasons here. my mouth is watering, thinking of those juicy Seley Reds!

Thanks Yves! Greeting from Budapest: Árpád

it's the least they can do, after kicking many, many families off their properties....


highway 80 california is one of the most robustly-built roads in the US- each concrete slab is approx. 10' X 20' X 1' thick, is heavily reinforced with iron bars, contains about six cubic yards of high-aggregate concrete, weighing about 10 tons apiece! the road was built to resist seismic damage, as well as being to support the weight of military vehicles in logistical convoys in the event of war- and this was ten years before world war II.

actually this is japatul road- highway 80 disappears at wildwood glen road just north of here and shows up again at east willows exit on I-8 a few miles to the west.

actually this bridge carried highway 80 only because the department of transportation saved money (this was in the midst of the Great Depression) by delaying the construction of the larger bridge (just north of here) until 1950. under public pressure to do something about the dangerous curve at the east end of the old bridge, the newly-formed highway dept. (with funds from the federal highway act) completed the newer bridge leaving room alongside for an additional bridge should the need arise. due to the problems with landslides and water runoff, the alignment for the new highway (I-8) was moved to the south and the second bridge was never built.


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