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Gotta yah, Greenwood Lake Turnpike

It was a good ride, I rode it years back..

Thank you Patrick They should replace them if these are a better locomotive, just leave a couple of the current locos around for museum purposes..

Thank you very much Alla Saed greetings from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

I put a Wikipedia link in the description.

Thank you Patrick I guess the light was important when the factories were in full swing but now they are gone no using the road anymore so no more need for light..

Thanks Norbert. You should come here one day. Breathtaking views of NYC.

Thanks Adam. West Orange is next to where Karl's is today. Passenger service ended in 1955 because it couldn't compete with the DL&W

Thank you Patrick Its kind of weird in this country, even though the walkway is temporarily closed, its okay to stop pedestrian access but keep those paying cars crossing. Really the Port should just close the bridge to all traffic big deal if someone has to drive to the next bridge, besides the construction crews would have more room and would be able to get the project completed much faster..


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