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My name is Ryan, I live in Portland, Oregon and travel around the northwest fairly frequently, camera in tow. I took some of these with my first digital camera, hence the grainyness and small image size. Most memory cards were terrible in 2000.
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So where's that 8-foot cross everybody keeps talking about? I figured somebody would have posted a photo of it by now but I can't find it.

I believe that Tulliallan quarries who were responsible for most of the open cast mining in this area were mainly extracting a lot of stone for blacktop. The main market for most of the stone that was quarried was for road building. Atthough there were silver mines between Mentsrie and Tillicoulty I don't think this is what we see in this picture.

BTW, apparently a massive house built by John D. Rockefeller Jr. sits on the island. Ever seen it? I saw a picture of it on TV. Was curious if its still standing.

BTW, apparently a massive house built by John D. Rockefeller Jr. sits on the island. Ever seen it?

Looks like it had some kind of name/date panel on it that got stolen. :|

They should have turned the buildings into apartments. Solid brick/concrete walls..would have lent themselves to it really well. It would also have been a lot cheaper than starting over with a WHOLE new building.

Maybe it was applied to the windows for security reasons, which is just plain silly because there are photos out on the internet showing its interior and the Reagans/officials riding in it..

Apparently the house from the movie is still around -- it was moved and restored. So its somewhere in the Round Rock. The brick house which sat across the street from it was torn down a few years after filming. Anyone know where exactly this was at? The photo here looks very much like the terrain seen in the film.

That's actually Ed Gein's house, in Plainfield, Wisconsin. It was razed in the 1950s or 60s. :|

Those arches at right used to be the front of a building, but it was torn down years ago years ago... I forget what it was called.


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