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My name is Ryan, I live in Portland, Oregon and travel around the northwest fairly frequently, camera in tow. I took some of these with my first digital camera, hence the grainyness and small image size. Most memory cards were terrible in 2000.
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Ever seen Jaws? Richard Dreyfuss sits on that rock during the conversation with the mayor about the defaced billboard. At least, I'm about 90% sure that's the same rock.

When you took this photo, there's a cemetery behind you, right? I wonder if they're going to move it? It would be a bad situation if there were some kind of slide or parting through the cemetery. :|

This used to be a house, right? It would be fun to have seen it back when it was a house. :D

Yeah, I would like to see a good series of photos from when the base was active.

I could not say, have not been to it.

The outlines around the windows have been painted dark green since this was taken. In the film they have a dark paint in the same places, but I'm not sure if tis dark green. I'm guessing yes.

The outlines around the windows have been painted dark green since then. :)

Abandoned locomotive roundhouse. Interesting photo. :D

http://www.filminamerica.com/Movies/HaroldAndMaude Apparently a scene from Harold and Maude was filmed in this train yard. The yard itself is pretty big and there's still an active rail line going through its east side. Lots of foundations where buildings stood. Would make a great railroad museum.

Floating drydocks are such a trip to me. :D

No, I tried to find it, but it was not there.


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