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My name is Ryan, I live in Portland, Oregon and travel around the northwest fairly frequently, camera in tow. I took some of these with my first digital camera, hence the grainyness and small image size. Most memory cards were terrible in 2000.
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Is the front door open???

December 2009...I wonder if the old Mercedes is still there?

The house has been moved, right? Its like a half mile south of here now, and a few hundred feet further inland.

I'm not entirely sure if it continued or not. But there is a phone number on their website if you wish to call and ask. I'm sure somebody there knows the answer. It was a nice train ride and I highly recommend it if you live in Colorado (or if you visit). http://www.leadville-train.com/about

Southern Pacific 4449, one of the largest steam-powered locomotives still operating in the world.

I wish Portland got snow more often. :D

I have no idea how old the "house" is, but what you see on the photo is only a smidgen of the property. It is certainly a fantastic mansion - I love the architecture of it.

The trestle was replaced beginning in Thanksgiving 2008 and was completed summer of 2009. I think the old bridge timber trestle was built sometime in the early 1900s and lasted until it was replaced with the structure above.

Sadness. They should have kept it as a hotel.

The hat dome from the old Brown Derby :D


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