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After spending some time overseas and witnessing so many interesting & new visuals, I decided to engage in Photography to capture those still moments. I chose to document Medical and Environmental issues, which also provided more people and places to see, as in SE Asia, East Africa, Morocco, India, Nepal, Costa Rica, etc. To me, Photography of any type seems best accomplished by practicing each type(portrait, night, landscape, etc.) until excellence is achieved in each; then apply the same rules to all other types(exposure, depth of field, composition, etc. ). Also, to me, the same "eye" that sees the world in all aspects will find a great shot via the Camera, like the right ingredients that will make a great meal. What bothers me the most is "overexposure." What I like the most is obvious intense "effort", whether for a quick shot or a long studied work. For all of us who collectively benefit from this engaging site, I am sure we can all join up in thanking the geniuses from Google in providing Panoramio free to us, & the link-ups it creates with each other through Photography; as well as especially appreciating those who actually implement it currently and previously. The elaborating aspects of Panoramio illustrates a creatively organized concept.... As to "my" little Panoramio Gallery here, many more photos will follow and your comments are welcomed. All images here are a result of that great invention we all owe so much to and those who came before us, that created it: The "Camera." - Joe

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Bye, Sanya

Along a crossing to an unknown endpoint, one ponders what this crossing will bring.

                      Joe Connors

What is this ?

This big rock was sitting there for years from a slight earthquake loosening the mammoth stone from above.

The family simply built some closure around the damaged side to their house and went on with their lives; and gathered more curious friends to inspect the new interior decoration.

             Joe Connors

In a make shift school, supported by UNICEF, in Cambodia, this sweet little girl smiled big with her dirty shirt, but beautiful spirit.

All I did was wiggle my nostrils.

                     Joe Connors

This Flag is one of 56 that surrounds the Washington Monument - Do you know why there are 56?

                 Joe Connors
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What a gallery .

                    Joe Connors

Good one - guy with three legs !

            Joe Connors

Very Unique.

            Joe Connors


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