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I LOVE photography. I travel all over the world to take photos and videos. I like old padlocks, and elevators.

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Wonderful Picture!!!!!



My grandparents used to live in this home in the 30's. It is sad to see it is such a shape these days. Oakvale will always be home to me, and it saddens me to see it in the shape it has degenerated to!

This item is pinned to an area that is a wildlife refuge. there are no buildings located with 50 miles of this location. Also this does not meet the criteria for mapping on google earth.

This items is mapped in the middle of a wild life refugel there are zero homes or buildings in this area.

Your pictures are awesome! I live near Bluefield and always love seeing the trains go by as I am driving.

Did you name this correctly? Neglected, perhaps be cause of the weeds, but abandoned - no. The ballast is in good nick as are the sleepers. The biggest giveaway is the surface of the railhead. If the track was abandoned then it would, at least, be dull from lack of recent use. Longer than that it would gradually show signs of rusting.

Nice shot of the narrows with the elevator on the beach. Thanks Diesel Ducy.

Not really an eyesore, especially compared to the electric poles, wires, transformers, industrial buildings, and parking lot in the foreground.

It looks like not many people want to walk across that bridge. Maybe they can make a moped or golf cart bridge out of it.



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