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I oh so wish there was a reply option… If there is please let me know. RealFad, first off the UFO phenomenon occurs all around the world as others have stated. Second CHINA IS NOT THE WORLDS MOST POWEREFUL MILITARY! Most of their military doesn't even carry a weapon! Don't even get me going on the CCP (Chinese Comunist Party). The more and more the Chinese people realize how messed up and for show their government is the sooner the revolution will occur. I'm sorry but as far as technology goes the U.S. is the strongest; that's only been made possible with over %50 of tax dollars going to the military which is ridiculous. The picture here and or pictures taken like this are taken by people outside of the base. It is perfectly legal to do this; this is the reason the federal government wanted to extend Area 51's boundaries (if it hasn't already happened). I implore everyone who reads this to look more into UFOs and military bases like the previous commenters have stated. There's things like DUMBs (Deep Military Underground Bases) that do exist and are a matter of public record. There is so much more on UFOs and "Aliens" than a hour session on the Internet can provide. I personally believe "Aliens" are demons for instance, which are the dead spirits of the Rephaim or the children of the Nephilim (fallen ones). By that volition you might think I'm superlatively insane unless you actually took the time to research the whole topic. Many abductions have shown a complete spiritual nature to it along with the fact that abductions do not always occur at night (not all knighmares) and people report others missing (physically not present) when there's claims of abduction. There is science to this UFO mumbo-jumbo which too many seem to laugh at until they see the phenomena for themselves. If you go to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) you can report your UFO sighting and see others on a map going years back. There's to many people reporting things for it just to be lies. Many people who have encounters have nothing to gain but everything to lose; which many people have lost jobs and credibility for reporting theirs. You shouldn't pass judgement on a topic unless your well versed on it.

Very nice WRF, looks like you have a lot of sweet trails over there..!

Isn't the Kandahar University IN the city of Kandahar? You have this picture posted in the middle of the Red Desert.

Honestly, I put the marker there just from memory. You're probably a better expert at Fort Dodge than I am :)

I was able to get to these falls by riding the trails at the motocross park. I actually had to ride down the creek a ways to get to the falls. I don't know of any other way to get there unless you walk. I think the falls are about 12-15 feet high. There are actually two water falls fairly near each other. Both are down hill to the east of the motocross track about 2-300 yards or so.

Your photo is misplaced. This display is a few miles farther north on I-65 at the Alabama welcome station/rest stop just south of the Tennessee/Alabama border.

Hello Dan, We need your help. We are trying to get the lake dredged. Please visit www.lizardlake.net and voice your opinion. Just sign in and register on the Lizard Lake forum. Please give us your 2 cents worth. We will present all of this to the Iowa DNR. You are a Zimmermann? We might be related! My grandmother's mother was a Zimmermann. They were from Pocahontas county , Iowa. I am Dean Buske. My grandmother was Ida Julius. Her mother was Louise Zimmerman.

This is our new aircraft after the last one was crashed killing the pilot, medic and nurse while they searched for a lost hunter. I opened the shutter for 15 seconds, then went to the aircraft and "drew" around it with my flashlight.

This was the farm I grew up on. My grandmother lived in this house till she died in 1993. My oldest brother lives there now after renovating the over 100 year old harm house.

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