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Thanks for posting the pic! I stayed here for 3 weeks in 1991 when I got out of the US Navy, and it was possibly the funnest 3 weeks of my life. Sydney Harbor is comparable to San Diego... the gum trees, the blue water... most beautiful harbors in the world. San Diego has the Coronado bridge, but it doesn't have the Opera House! I met a lot of tourist types from Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and a few of us 'Yanks.' I made some friends from Germany and Scandinavia as well, but the Aussies were absolutely wonderful, treated me well. I remember sitting in one of the pubs, right about where this was taken, and one of the local surfer types traded me a T-Shirt right in the pub... I was a submarine nuclear plant operator in the Navy, was wearing a gaudy T-shirt that said "Hell no, we don't glow... Nuclear Power is our friend!" One never forgets things like that. Thanks again, Dave.

Beautiful Photo! Perhaps you can tell me... did you notice, or photograph any of the older headstones? My understanding is that my Ancestors-Clan MacFarlane- came from Arrochar, and were burried in this Churchyard since the 12th century. I'll visit someday, but now I can understand why they would've defended it so violently. I'd love to send this photo to my Dad, as we are the only two remaining McFarland's on our branch of the Family tree. Feel free to drop me a line, my e-mail address is public knowledge... davemcf13@yahoo.com. Thank you! Again... beautiful shot!

Beautiful photos! My question would be: Were the Romans trying to keep the Scots out of England, or were the Scots laughing their arse's off watching the Romans build a wall which one could easily sail around? Both, I think! Kind of like the Maginot line in France in WWII.


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