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dav13.org chapter members in attendance at this ceremony-- Terry Bolhinger.

Thanks for your response.

A little corrective history is in order. Just sayin. I am indeed the original photographer of this picture of Cold Stream Dam. However, we are off on the date by about 10 years. The actual date is sometime just before Christmas 1968, when I just returned from Vietnam (Air Force vet). I was moving to Australia soon and was photographing everything I thought I would need for remembering the old town. In December of 1968 there is no longer a large high dive platform on the pier (that existed in the 50s and early 60s) nor the two side diving boards that were at the end of the platform one on each side. I know this place well. It was my summer home as a teenager and winter home for ice skating (it would get cold enough to drive a car on when it froze over in January thru early February in the 50s and 60s). I hope you enjoyed this little bit of history. The town is in a sad state of decay now, a real shame. Nothing stays the same forever, once this dam never existed...But, I will tell you what, I had the best times of my life in that little town back then. Everything was brand new for the first time, rock n roll, Elvis, all the late 50's, early 60s autos, sock hops, street dances, even touring bands would drop by in the summer. Hard to believe ain't it? Ok, I probably gave you more than expected but what was and is needs explaining every now and then. Anything else I may help you with, just write.


Charles "Mike" Humphrey Tidewater Virginia

Buildings like this are usually designed and erected for the safekeeping of pyrotechnical goods. i.e. gunpowder, fireworks etc. If any part finds a spark and is lost, it hopefully iis all that is lost. Makes a fire more easily and safely contained aswell.

흥미로운 사진입니다

Mid October 2004 from the east parking garage. Thanks for asking.


Thanks for the comeback Amigo. I was a long haul trucker for many years and spent many hours on the open roads of West Texas. No trees, just them yucca plants. So, the locals call em trees. If you want to get away from it all, West Texas is probably as good a place as any.

no problem, happy again

Dan, thanks for the compliment. Where in ohio is trinway?

We gotta eat too.

They don't make em like this anymore.

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