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This is the US building. Nobody lives on the US side, but it is possible (under favorable weather conditions) to get through the woods to the populated side of Maine. You are correct, almost all of the traffic is logging related. In western Maine, the US exports trees to Canada. In eastern Maine, the US imports trees from Canada.

That is the building I saw when I was there in either 1996 or 1998 (I think it was 1998)...I don't recall a US border building in that general area.

This must be the border building on the US side...the Canadian side would be in english and french.....how does that border crossing work after hours?

Seriously wyrddsmith, there is no law that prohibits the photography of a border station. I hate when people throw around the term "illegal" when it's not.

Yes, I know a thing or two about physical security, and you have made a classic error regarding where to place your concern. The border station is not the "asset" to be protected, it is the "mechanism" to administer protection. If a terrorist were to exploit the vulnerabilities of a border station (especially a small one like this), it would be a wonderful misapplication of adversary resources. Better Forest City than Times Square you might say. We can only hope they are dumb enough to focus their attentions here.

I suppose if you were one of the people working on the contract to do the work, you might feel differently. Federal money is being spent all over the country; you should feel good that some is being spent in Montana.

Sweet border picture. By the way, thanks for the location correction on my picture of the Calais-St. Stephen border crossing. Greetings from Virginia! -Malcolm

Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. ¡Muy bonita fotografía!

Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Very nice photo!

Hmm, I didn't do that. If you scroll up to the Canadian border, you will see this same photo pinned in the correct location. Someone else created the Wikipedia link and used this photo om their description of Scobey. I will see if I can undo it or replace it with a photo of downtown.

mmmm que rico el friiito,. y el hielito.

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