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Ah yes, the Old Costoms Restaurant! I found some neat old photos of when that was a working border inspection station.

ajsix - That must have been close to the time where they closed the bridge. jmichaelbyrd (see link above) has some cool shots from 1992 when the bridge was closed (using only a gate).

That's why I called it a Border Station. I could have said Border Inspection Station (the more correct term), but I never said Border Patrol Station.

Sure, I'd like to see it. Please send to bill@baron.net Let me know if there are places along the border that interest you. Odds are I have something, if not taken by me then by someone else.

Too bad C Molson never answered. To answer your question, his house is only maybe 30 feet from the border. If you look closely, you can see the boundary marker just past the bird bath. He has a flagpole made from a real tree that still flies the maple leaf. Interesting that the road on the US side has almost completely reforested itself. I would love to see a photo of this place when it was still a border station.

Yes, they don't usually bother with small barricaded roads like this one, but they did go down Knoxford Road to the border at Listerville. That's a new add because I was just looking there a couple weeks ago and it wasn't there.

I've heard it both ways - Is this area called "Starkey Corners" or "Starkey's Corner".

Did you live there when you could still cross to and from Canada?

I believe those are Canadian poles. I think they violated some rules by putting them there. My understanding is that nothing is to be erected within 15 feet of the boundary line without approval from the Intl. Boundary Commission

heh, funny! Very old school looking technology :D

There's nothing to worry about. Just because it's unmanned doesn't mean it isn't watched. Line Road has sensors in the ground and in the trees. Both countries know when someone crosses the line. And anyway, don't you think anyone trying to come in illegally already knows about this place? Saying it's unmanned isn't going to make them flood this part of VT.


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